Artist Daisy KLOCK

I was born in Blumenau and grew up in coastal cities of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil, in 1964.

I am a self-taught art painter since 1979. My paintings are original creations using oil as a medium. My first subjects were Brazilian marines and tropical landscapes. A few years later, I received a commission from Artico Refrigeration Ltd in my hometown. This great work of art was drawn and painted in black charcoal. Consequently opened many doors to other commissions and public interest in my art.

During the 1980s and 1990s in Brazil, I attended many art exhibitions and contests for amateurs and professional painters, receiving prizes at the Itajaí Culture House and Florianópolis Art Criticism. My works were exhibited in the Young Artists Program sponsored by RBS TV in Santa Catarina.

I moved to the UK in 1997, and have been working on artistic paintings on furniture, other crafts and my own oil creations on canvases. Exhibiting and selling at street art markets and community halls.

During 2018, Painting EvocativArt became my official brand in the UK. Also in this year, my art style expanded and the finger painting technique has been used in wildlife themes. I joined new art groups; new competitions too.

My website is here, bringing closer my artworks to YOU. Making accessible to buy and to receive my paintings at your door, wherever you are in the world.

“I like to express in my paintings evocative themes in my own perspective of the beauty of seeing things. I hope the appreciation I have for art touches your inner self. If that happens, I have attained my highest goal in the arts. “